About us

Hi, we’re Peter and Irene.
You know, good Architectural design doesn’t just belong to only those who can most afford to commission an Architect.  This is why Irene and I constantly strive to deliver a friendly, low-cost professional service, which is more than competitive with your local drafting shop down the street.

We place all our clients in a position where they have real control and choices.  Clients can have their homes Builder built, Subcontracted out, or tackle their project as an Owner Builder.  Our own hands-on building experience enables us to easily relate to the needs and concerns of the limited budget, as well as those who are more financially flexible, still keeping our fees at a very attractive price.

We well understand the Building industry and fully appreciate how difficult it can be for some people to make truly informed decisions, when constantly surrounded by a world of Hype and vested interest.  This is why we offer Free Building and Design advice.  Please note: this is done by phone only.

Without vested interest, we offer practical advice on the selection of Building Materials, Construction Methods, searching for suitable land to build on, as well as helping people to decide between becoming an Owner Builder or employing a Builder or Sub Contractors.  Who else do you know who would freely give this information away or who would spend time talking to you without extra cost?

Irene and I are not new chums to the building industry. Three times we’ve had unsolicited Prime Time Television exposure, have presented on Radio programs, been featured in many magazines and newspapers, and have exhibited at countless Home and Trade Exhibitions.  You can still catch us at the occasional exhibition and you will see adverts in magazines from time to time.

Registered as a qualified Architect for over 3 decades, I have also had considerable hands-on building experience.

Irene’s background started in Nursing, then Teaching, where she also devoted many years to volunteer work, getting kids, including those disabled, involved in outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, bush walking, and climbing.  Her communication skills now motivate people to see all sorts of exciting building possibilities ‘outside the square’.  As you can see, we both have a love of the outdoors.

Design is our main business and as much as we love building, we no longer build for others, but we can tell you the last home we built cost only $11,000 in materials (yes, you read that right), the rest was our effort.  We also built an ocean-going yacht that frequently sails Bass Strait (click on our sailing site to view video shorts).  Building boats makes house building seem a ‘piece of cake’, but the point to be made is, we are ordinary people ready to have a go at most things and who enjoy interacting with people about their dreams.

We are the ‘People’s Architect’, who have secured many Professionals, more than capable of designing their own homes.

Have we won any awards?  No.  Are we likely to? No – we are the most un-awarded Architects you’re ever likely to meet! The only thing that matters is that clients who make us their Architect, reap their reward.

The start and first link to our service is the purchase of our Plans Book; the key to a cheaper and more efficient design.